We are not looking for the person who can do 500 pushups, and today chooses to do 499...
We are looking for the person who can do 5 pushups, and today chooses to do 6!
— Mestre Acordeon

Your Beginner Series begins starts when do!

Building on the years of success of our affiliated UCA schools, we are excited to offer you our Beginners Series here in the Los Angeles area. 

This is a proven method of teaching capoeira to new students across the United States. 

You will receive:

  • A thorough 4 week introduction to the basics of capoeira and how to play the game of capoeira
  • An excellent workout each and every class
  • Specialized attention from our instructors designed specifically for the beginning capoeira student
  • An opportunity to learn some of the music of capoeira
  • An opportunity to dive deep into the joy and magic unique to capoeira
  • The chance to meet new, fun, and interesting people


Let's get you registered...


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4. Grab your clothes, some water, and we will see you in class!

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Can't wait to start your journey in capoeira?


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